Best Deal: HP HT03XL Battery Replacement Cost in India

If you own an HP laptop, chances are you’ve encountered the dreaded battery replacement issue. A new battery can be expensive and time-consuming, but what if there was a way to save money and get it done quickly? This article will discuss HP HT03XL Battery Replacement Cost in India and how you can get it done quickly and easily.

Introduction to the HP HT03XL Battery

The HP HT03XL is a high-performance battery with reliable power and long life. This battery is designed for use with HP laptops and provides up to 2 hours of run time on a single charge. The HP HT03XL battery is also compatible with many HP laptop models.

HT03XL Battery Replacement Cost

Specifications 11.4V  41.04Wh
Cell Type Li-ion
Number of Cells 3
Realtime Backup Time 2.0-2.5 Hrs
Standby Backup Time 2.5-3.0 Hrs
Battery Model No HT03XL

HP HT03XL Compatible Laptop Models List-

If you’re looking for a replacement battery for your HP laptop, the HT03XL is a great option. This battery is compatible with a wide range of HP laptops, including many of the most popular models. The HT03XL is a high-capacity battery, offering up to 8 hours of run time on a single charge. It’s also designed for safety, with built-in overcharge and over-discharge protection. And if you ever have any issues with the battery, HP offers a 1-year limited warranty .So whether you need a replacement battery for an older HP laptop or you’re looking for an upgrade for your newer model, the HT03XL is a great option. Check out the full list of compatible models below.

 PAVILION 14-CE1031TX  15-DB1038UR
 PAVILION 15-CS0302NG  14-CK0196NIA
 15S-FQ1073NS  Pavilion 14-CE2011nf
 15-DA0144NL  14-CM0608NT
 15-DA0034NQ  PAVILION X360 15-DQ1003NB
 15S-EQ0025NL  PAVILION X360 14-DH0008NF
 14-CK0193NIA  14-CM0603NT
 PAVILION 15-CS2032NM  14-CK0195NIA
 PAVILION 15-CS2316NG  15S-FQ1097NS
  15S-FQ1035NL  17-BY0508NG
 PAVILION 15-CW1083NL  15-DB1109UR
 PAVILION 15-CS2003NT  15-DA0053NE
  15-DW0016NQ  15-DA0158NS
  15-DA0022NW  15S-EQ0002NM
  14-CM0606NT  PAVILION X360 14-DH1002NS
 15-DW1301NG  14-CK1000NK
 PAVILION X360 14-DH1006NF  17-CA1901ND
 15-DA0132NM  15-DA1014NV
  15-DW2008UR  PAVILION 14-CE0018NS
  15-DA0128NU  15-DB1040UR
 PAVILION X360 14-DH1000NU  15-DA0057NT
 14-CK0192NIA  15-DA0111NU
 PAVILION 14-CE0010NE  15-DA1628NG
  15-DA0092NM  PAVILION 14-CE1007NL
  15-DB0504UR  PAVILION X360 14-DH0009UR
 PAVILION X360 14-DH0039NL  PAVILION X360 14-DH0034NL
 15S-FQ1057NS  PAVILION X360 14-DH1014NE
 14-CF1008NF  PAVILION 15-CS1010TX
 15-DA0055NP  15-DA0029NT
 15S-FQ1015UR  15-DA0015NI
 15-DA0171NS  15-DW1261NG
 15S-FQ1010NA  15-DA0104NL
 17-CA0008NF   PAVILION X360 14-DH1004NE
 15-DB0452NG  PAVILION 15-CS2003NX
 15-DB0005NIA  PAVILION 15-CS0065NU
 15-DA0993NIA  15-DA0024NK
 PAVILION 15-CS1084TX  15-da1312ng
 15-DA0126NL  15S-FQ1061UR
 15-DB1005UA  PAVILION 15-CW0804NZ
 15-DA1035NS  17-BY0073CL
  15-DB1099NM  15-DB0038CA
 PAVILION 15-CS3005NU  15-DA0036NX
 15S-FQ0018NW  15-DW0035NS
 14-CK1000NIA  PAVILION 14-CE0005NW
 14-DK0021UR  15-DA1007NX
 PAVILION 15-CS3036NB  15-DA0124NE
 17-CA0028NO   15-DA1211NIA
 PAVILION 14-CE0031UR   15-DA0027NW
  PAVILION X360 15-DQ0011NF  14-CF0000NI
  PAVILION 15-CS1008NP  15-DA1039NW
  15-DB1162UR   15-DA1032NIA
 PAVILION 15-CS2013NL   15-DB1110UR
 15-DA0076NT   15-DA0100NV
 15-DA0037NX  15-DA1036NW
 15-DA0061NT  PAVILION 14-CE1300
 PAVILION 15-CS3802NG  15-DA0080NU
 PAVILION 15-CS1302NG  Pavilion 14-ce3355ng
 PAVILION 15-CS0085UR  15-DA0021NQ
 14S-DQ0615ND  15S-FQ0007NW
 15-DA0127NU  15-DA0060NX
 15-DA0216NS  15-DA0181NQ
 15-DA0023NK  PAVILION 15-CS0014NIA
 PAVILION X360 14-DH0700NZ   15-DA0700NC
  15-DA1004NK  15S-FQ0031UR
 15-DB1157UR  14-DK0019UR
 15-DA1007NL  15-DA1006NM
 15S-EQ1001UR  15-DA1075NT
 15-DB1081NM   15-DW1020NS
 15S-EQ0027UR  PAVILION 15-CS0016NV
 15S-FQ1005NQ  PAVILION 15-CS3001NV
 15-DA0220NS   15-DA0162NS
 15-DA1082NS   PAVILION 14-CE0052TX
 14-CM0089UR  15-DA0004DS
 15-DA0404UR  14-CK1005NIA
 15-DA0408UR   PAVILION 14-CE2640ND
  15-DA0031NK  15-DB1623NG
 15-DA0130NIA  15-DA0067NT
 15S-FQ1035NM  PAVILION 15-CS2008NW
 PAVILION 15-CS3013NA  15-DA0005CY
 15-DA0429UR  15-DB0000NIA
 15S-FQ0039UR  15-DA2010NT
 PAVILION 14-CE0036NF  15-DA0331UR
 255 G7-6WW80PA  15-DB1085NT
 15-DA0015NE  15-DA1017NK
 15-DW1300NG  15-DA1039NX
 14-CK1013NIA  PAVILION 14-CE0066UR
 PAVILION 15-CS0107TX  15-DA0074NT
  14-CK0283NIA  PAVILION 14-CE0510SA
  15-DB1012NQ  PAVILION X360 14-DH0005NF
 14-CK0287NIA  PAVILION 15-CS2001NW
 15S-FQ1084NS   PAVILION 15-CS2009NW
 PAVILION 15-CS1010NQ  15-DB0020NQ
 PAVILION 14-CE1006UR  15-CW0003CY
 17-CA1001NH   14S-CF1043TX
 PAVILION 15-CS0108NB  15-DW0018NQ
 15s-fq1021nq  PAVILION 14-CE3012NH
 15-DA2029NM  14-CF1002NH
 15-DB1002NIA  15-DA0062NX
 14-CK0262NIA  PAVILION 14-CE1013NF
 15S-FQ1014UR   15-DA0109NU
  15-DA0196NS  15-DA0013NW
 PAVILION 15-CS0006NI  15-DA0000NW
 15-DA1127NIA  15S-FQ1016UR
 15-DW2005NM  PAVILION 14-CE2031NW
 14-DK0023UR  15-DB0055NV
 14S-DQ1009NS  17-CA1008NM
 17-BY0024no  15S-FQ1020UR
 PAVILION 15-CS0016NK  15-DA1008NW
 15-DA0153NIA  Notebook 15-DA0103NG
 15S-FQ1050ND  PAVILION 14-CE1003TX
 15-DA1161NIA  PAVILION X360 14-DH1026NIA
 PAVILION X360 15-DQ0002UR  14S-DQ0001NK
 15-DA0035NU  PAVILION 15-CS3005NF
 15-DA0025LA  15-DA0906NZ
  14-CF1005NT  Pavilion 15-CW0085NR
 15-DA0900NY  PAVILION 15-CS0088UR
 15-DA0010NY  PAVILION X360 14-DH1025NO
 15-DA0733NC  15-DA0052NT
 255 G7-7QK40ES  15-DA1026NW
 15-DA2033NM   15-DA0043NX
 15-DW0012NQ  PAVILION 14-CE3005NU
  PAVILION 15-CW1025NA  15-DA0075NT
 PAVILION X360 15-DQ1005NG  255 G7-6HM05EA
  15-DA1013NM  15-DA1036NX
 PAVILION 15-CS3029NW   15-DA0140NIA
 PAVILION 15-CW1003LA  15-DA2222NIA
 15-DA1004NQ  15-DA0003TX
 15-DB1019NS   PAVILION 15-CS2014NM
  PAVILION X360 14-DH0017UR  15-DA0004NV
  15-DB0402UR  15S-FQ1032NL
  15-DW1000NZ  17-CA1177NG
 PAVILION 15-CS1040UR   14S-CF1042TX
 PAVILION 14-CE1042TX  15-DA1007NJ
 15-DA1079NE  15-DA0064NT
 15-DA0212NS  14-CK1006NIA
 14-CF1005NH   15S-FQ1027NQ
 Pavilion 14-CE2074TX  14S-DQ0029UR
 PAVILION 15-CS1077TX  15-DA0003NW
 15-DA0065NQ  PAVILION 14-CE3006NU
  15-DA0645NG   15S-FQ1101NS
  15-DA0266UR  15-DA1017NIA
 15S-FQ1039NS  15-DA0134NIA
 15-DA0056NP  15-DA1025NIA
 PAVILION X360 15-DQ1352NG  Pavilion 14-BF130TX
 15-CW0002CY  17-BY2022NO
 15S-FQ1026NS  PAVILION 15-CS1031TX
 15-DA0066NT  PAVILION 14-CE0054NB
 15-DA0024NE   PAVILION 15-CW1073NL
 15-DA0184NS  15-DA1000NJ
  PAVILION 15-CS1004TX  15S-FQ1111NO
 15-DA1090NS  15S-FQ1001NK
 15S-FQ1034NM  15S-FQ1000NS
  PAVILION 15-CS0117TX  15S-FQ1091NS
 PAVILION 14-CE0002NW  15-DA1015NIA
 15-DB0109UR  PAVILION 15-CS0046UR
 15S-FQ1006NM  Pavilion 14-CE3003nf
 PAVILION 15-CS1003TX   15-DA0102NE
  15S-FQ1100NG   14S-DQ1008NV
  15-DA0997NJ  15-DA0139NIA
 15-DA0034NX  PAVILION X360 15-DQ0021NB
 PAVILION 15-CS1011NA  14S-DQ1016NS
 14-DK0049NF  14-CF1054NB
 15-DA0059NX  17-BY2007NM
 PAVILION 15-CS0090UR  15S-FQ1014NQ
 PAVILION 14-CE0033NL  14-CK1022NIA
 PAVILION 14-CE1029TX  15-DB1022NS
 17-CA1027NA  17-CA1035UR
 15-DA0476UR  15-DB0350UR
  15-DA1114NT  PAVILION 15-CS3018NW
 15-DA2003NT  15-DA0089NE
 15-DW0026NS  15-DA1077UR
 15-DA1068UR   15-DA1003NM
 PAVILION 15-CS3006NU  15-DA0052NK
  15-DA0173NS  15-DA1611NG
 15-DA1088NT  14S-DQ0002UR
 15-DA0124NM  15S-FQ1022NA
 Pavilion 14-CE3003ur  15S-FQ1007NQ
 15-DA0231UR  PAVILION 15-CS1073TX
 PAVILION 14-CE1961NB  15-DB0473UR
  15-DA0042NX   PAVILION 15-CS2020NF
  PAVILION 14-CE1004TU  17-BY2012NF
  PAVILION 15-CS3064UR  15-DA1005NL
 Pavilion 14-BK009UR  14S-DQ1000NQ
 PAVILION 15-CS3046NL  15-DB1088UR
 15S-FQ1011NQ  PAVILION X360 14-DH0005UR
 14-DK0015NF  15-DB1110NM
 15-DW0015NE   PAVILION 15-CS0061NU
 PAVILION 15-CW1000NY  15-DW0089NF
  15-DA0144NM  15S-EQ0013NS
  15-DA0048NK  14-DK0036UR
  15-DW1034NM  14-CF1003NO
  15-DA1007NF  PAVILION X360 14-DH1019NS
  PAVILION 15-CS1602NG  255 G7-6HM01EA
 14S-CF1021TX   15-DA0044NK
 15-DA0052NW   PAVILION 14-CE1000NM
 15-CS0017TX  PAVILION 15-CS1001NA
 15-DW2011NM  PAVILION 15-CS1001TX
 15-DA0062NW  PAVILION X360 14-DH0000NX
  15-DB1160UR  PAVILION 14-CE0044UR
 17-BY0005NG  Pavilion 14-CE2073TX
 15-DA0024NI   14S-DQ1022NS
 14-CF1003NH  PAVILION 14-CE0093TX
 17-BY0138NB  15S-EQ0029UR
 15-DA0130NS  15-DA0071NF
 15-DB1001NQ   PAVILION 15-CS0999NIA
 14S-CF1005TX  15-DA1024NS
 14S-DQ0006UR   PAVILION 14-CE1070TX
 15-DW2006NK  15-DW2005NT
 14S-CF1023TX  15-DA1010NI
 PAVILION 15-CS1076TX  15S-EQ1004NQ
 PAVILION 15-CS1042TX  15-da0453ng
 15S-FQ1029NQ  15-DA2022NJ
 17-BY1010UR  PAVILION 14-CE0055UR
 14S-CF0057TU  PAVILION 14-CE1013TX
 15-DA0193NS  PAVILION 15-CS0015NIA
 PAVILION 14-CE3000NM  Pavilion 15-CW0014AU
 15-DA1008NV  14-CF1001NS
 15-DA1032NT  PAVILION 15-CW0023UR
 15-DA2011NX  PAVILION 15-CS2066NW
 Envy 15T-CU000  15-DA0086NF
 15S-FQ0005NP  Pavilion 15-cs3104tx
 14S-DQ1002NM  255 G7-6HM10EA
 255 G7-6MR13EA  PAVILION 14-CE0023TX
 15-da0454ng  15-DA1063UR
 Pavilion 14-CE1021TU  15-DA1022NE
 PAVILION 15-CS2071NR  15-DW2007NQ
 PAVILION X360 14-DH1000NQ  15-DB0028NT
 PAVILION X360 14-DH0012NO  Pavilion 14-CE2833nd
 15-DA0096NM  15-DA0371UR
 PAVILION X360 14-DH1009NS  15S-FQ1007NS
 15s-fq1036nm  Pavilion 14-CE3003TX
 PAVILION 15-CS0059UR  15-DA1047NT
 17-BY1011NM   15-DA1028NJ
 14-CF1004NH  PAVILION X360 14-DH0011NL
 15-DB0416UR  PAVILION 14-CE0031TX
 15-DA0061NK   PAVILION 14-CE1033TX
  15-DA0110NM  14-CF1000NP
 15-DA1126NIA   15-DA1023NK
 17-CA1027UR   PAVILION 15-CS3003NU
 PAVILION X360 14-DH0062NB  Pavilion X360 14-CD0018NS
 15-DA0284NIA  15-DA0095NM
 PAVILION 15-CS1007NP  14-DK0900NY
 PAVILION 14-CE0508NA  15S-FQ1094NS
 15-DA1101UR  PAVILION 15-CS0020NIA
 15-DA0152NIA  PAVILION 14-CE1069TX
 15-DA1009NP  PAVILION 15-CS1993NB
 14S-DQ0019NB  15-DA0062NK
 15-DB0045NM  15-DA0272UR
 17-CA0155UR  15-DA0013NE
 PAVILION 14-CE2001NW  15S-FQ0007UR
 15-DB1161UR  PAVILION 15-CS1997NB
 15-DA0495UR  PAVILION 15-CS3005NI
 14-CF1002NF   15-DA1005NT
 15-DA1024NF  15-DA0177NQ
  15s-eq0008ur  15S-FQ1066NS
 14-DK1003NS  PAVILION X360 14-DH1005NV
 15-DA1902NZ  14S-DQ0009NL
 15-DA1024NW   15-DB1149UR
 15S-DU0004TX  PAVILION X360 15-DQ0002NO
 17-by2176ng  15-DA0023NQ
 15-DB0003NIA  15-DB1152UR
 15-DB0096NF  15-DA0015NY
  15S-FQ1019NQ  15-DA1057NT
 15-DW0067UR  15S-EQ1005UR
  15-DA1008NL  15-DA1013NX
 17-BY2333NG  15-DB1078UR
 PAVILION 14-CE1035TX  15-DB0069NS
 14S-DQ1004NI   15-DA0154NIA
 15-DA0057NK  14S-DQ0000NF
 15S-FQ1012NI  15-DA1039NT
  15s-eq0222nc  PAVILION X360 14-DH0026NX
 15-DW0058UR  15-DW2033NL
 17-BY1022UR  PAVILION 15-CS0023NK
 15-DA1055NX   15-DA0119NU
 15-DA0019NJ  15-DA0005UR
 Pavilion 14-CE2056TX   14-CK0009NIA
 14-CM0074AU  17-BY2000NH
 14-CF1001NC  17-BY1032UR
 15-DA1012TU  PAVILION 15-CS3001NM
 15S-FQ1116NS  PAVILION 14-CE1002NE
 15-DA0002TX  PAVILION 15-CS0064NU
 15-DA1035NT  PAVILION 15-CS0059NB
 15-DA1008NT   15-DA0009TU
 15-DA1026NT   PAVILION 15-CS3061NL
 14S-DQ0301NZ  15-DB1055UR
 15-DA0996NK  15S-DU0007TX
 15-DA1039NE  PAVILION 15-CS2043NM
  PAVILION 14-CE0992NL  17-by2230ng
 15-DA0006TU  14S-DQ0030UR
 15S-FQ1026NQ  15-DA0023NI
 15-DA0285NIA   15-DA1067NT
 15-DA1056UR  15-DA0120NE
 15S-EQ0010NV  15-DA0346UR
 15-DB1102NM  PAVILION X360 14-DH1017NX
  255 G7-7DF12EA  17-CA1007NW
 15-DA1062NE  PAVILION 14-CE1009NW
 15-DA1046NT  15-DA1005NQ
 15-DW0083NF  15-DW0305NG
 15-DA1087NT  17-by0460ng
 15s-fq1010TU  15S-FQ1013UR
 15S-FQ0048UR  14-CF0018NB
 15-DA1026NX  PAVILION 15-CS1078TX
 PAVILION 14-CE1007TU  15-DA1008NK
 15-DA0402UR  14S-DQ1900NC
 PAVILION 15-CW0018NV   14-CF0330NG
 15-DA1017NP  17-BY0080NF
  15-DA0103NK  17-BY0009NW
 15S-FQ1900NC  15-DA1002NC
 15-DA0001CY  14-CF1009NI
 Pavilion 14-CE2032TU  14-CK0021NI
  15-DA1026NP  15-DB0031NT
  15-DA1029NJ  PAVILION 14-CE0005NE
  15S-EQ0005NV   15-DA1029NX
 15-DB1003NT  15-DA1004NI
 15-DA1019NK  15-DA1003NC
  15S-EQ1902NC  15-DA0095NE
  15-DA1043UR   PAVILION 15-CS0004NI
 17-BY0099NF  PAVILION X360 14-DH0015NB
 15-DA0053NK  PAVILION 15-CS1013NB
 14S-DQ0007UR  15-DW2005NI
 15-CS0043TX  14-CF3016NIA
 15-DA1998NE  Pavilion 14-BF189NO
 15-DA0006NF   15-DA0474UR
  15-DA1305NG  15-DA1041NT
 PAVILION X360 14-DH1003NP  15-DA1013NP
 15-DA1020NX  PAVILION 15-CS2019NF
 15-DA0036NK  15-DA1884NE
 PAVILION X360 14-DH0012UR  14S-DQ0001NJ
 PAVILION 14-CE0520NA  15-DA0997NK
 PAVILION 15-CS1011NO   15-DB1030NT
  255 G7-6BN16EA  15-DB0004NIA
 15-DA1023NV  15S-FQ0001NM
 15-DA0281NIA  15-DA2000UR
 15S-FQ0040UR  15-DA1064UR
 15-DB1118NM  15-DA0122NU
 15-DB1065UR  15-DB0008AU
 15S-EQ1000UR   15-DB1137UR
  15-DW0125NL  255 G7-6BN11EA
  PAVILION 15-CS3014NS  15-DA1603NZ
 15-DA1003UR  15-DA1057NIA
  15S-FQ1010NW  15S-FQ1074NS
 PAVILION 15-CS3010NU  14S-DQ0033NB
 15-DA1081NT   15-DA1001NH
 15-DA0055NK  PAVILION 14-CE0053TX
 15-DB1061UR   PAVILION 15-CS2805NZ
 15-DA0076NB  15-DW0040NS
 Pavilion 14-CE3004TX  14S-DQ1001NE
 14-CM0090UR  17-CA2031NF
 15S-EQ1016NS  17-BY0166UR
  15S-FQ1039NH  15-DA1019NIA
 PAVILION 14-CE0006NS  Pavilion 15-cw002ng
 14-CF1007NI  15-DB1003NQ
Pavilion 15-CW0009LA  Pavilion 14-CE0001LA
 14S-CR0008TX  15-CS0050TX
  15-CS1014TX  14-CE0015TU(4HK87PA)
 15-CS1068TX  15-CS1015TX
 14-CE0029TX(4HL30PA)  14-CE0016TU(4HK91PA)
 14-CE0028TX(4HL28PA)  15-CS1067TX
 14-CE0034TX(4HL33PA)  15-CS0041TX
 15-CS0049TX  14Q-CS0000TU
 15-CS0048TX  14-CE2020TX
 15-DB0005LA  15-CS1013TX
 470 G7  14-CE1008TX
 14-CE2014TX  Pavilion x360 14-dh1153ng
 14Q-CS0001TU  250 G7
 Pavilion 15-db   15-DA0011LA
 PAVILION X360 14-DH1135NG  15-DW0035CL
  14S-CF0002TU  PAVILION 14-CE1001TU

What are the Benefits of Replacing an HP HT03XL Battery?

An HP HTXL Battery Replacement can offer several benefits for your device:

  1. It can improve the overall performance of your device by providing a more reliable and longer-lasting power source.
  2. It can help to protect your device from damage by providing extra protection against overcharging and short-circuiting.
  3. It can also help prolong your device’s life by ensuring that the battery is replaced before it reaches the end of its natural lifespan.

How Much Does an HP HT03XL Battery Replacement Cost in India’s Metro Cities?

There’s no doubt that laptops are a necessary evil in today’s world. We rely on them for work, play, and communication, but they come with their own set of problems. One of the most common laptop issues is a dying battery. If you’re using your laptop regularly, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to replace the battery at some point. But how much does an HP HT03XL Battery Replacement Cost in India’s Metro Cities?

The cost of a replacement battery will vary depending on the make and model of your laptop, as well as the city you’re located in. An HP HT03XL battery replacement costs between Rs. 1,500-2,000 in India. HPHT03XL batteries can be found online or at local electronics stores.

HP HT03XL Battery Replacement Cost in Delhi NCR?

Are you looking for an HP HT03XL Battery Replacement in Delhi NCR? If so, then you have come to the right place! We are a leading provider of HP HT03XL Battery Replacement services in Delhi NCR, and we can help you get the best possible price for your replacement battery. We know that it can be difficult to find the right battery replacement service provider, but we can help make the process easier for you. We have a wide range of experience in providing HP HT03XL Battery Replacement services, and we can help you find the best possible price for your replacement battery.

The cost of an HP HT03XL OEM Battery Replacement in Delhi will depend on the specific model and market fluctuations. Generally, a replacement battery can cost Mumbai from Rs. 1550 to Rs. 3250.

HP HT03XL Battery Replacement Cost in Mumbai?

The cost of an HP HT03XL OEM Battery Replacement in Mumbai will depend on the specific model and retailer. Generally, a replacement battery can cost Mumbai from Rs. 1650 to Rs. 3050.

HP HT03XL Battery Replacement Cost in Bangalore?

The cost of an HP HT03XL OEM Battery Replacement in Bangalore will depend on the specific model and retailer. Generally, a replacement battery can cost in Bangalore from Rs. 1950 to Rs. 3450.

HP HT03XL Battery Replacement Cost in Kolkata?

The cost of an HP HT03XL OEM Battery Replacement in Kolkata will depend on the specific model and retailer. Generally, a replacement battery can cost Kolkata from Rs. 1850 to Rs. 3150.

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Where to Buy an HP HT03XL Battery Replacement in India?

If you’re looking for an HP HT03XL Battery Replacement in India, there are a few places you can check out. Online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart usually have a good selection of batteries, and you can often find good deals on replacements.

You can also check out local electronics stores like Croma or Reliance Digital. These stores typically have a wide range of HP products, so you should be able to find the right battery for your needs. However, comparing prices before purchasing is important, as local stores may charge more than online retailers.

Finally, you can contact HP Laptop Service Center near me, if you need a replacement quickly. They can help you find a local store that has the replacement battery in stock, or they can ship one to you directly.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Replacement HT03XL Battery

The voltage is the most important factor when choosing a replacement battery for your HP HT03XL. The voltage of the battery you choose must be identical to the voltage of the original battery to avoid damaging your laptop. You’ll also want to ensure that the replacement battery’s capacity is at least as high as the original battery’s capacity. A higher-capacity battery will provide longer run times between charges, which can be especially useful if you frequently use your laptop for extended periods. Finally, you’ll want to check reviews to ensure that you choose a reputable and reliable brand.


HP HT03XL battery replacement can be costly in India, but it is well worth the investment if you want to extend your laptop’s life and ensure that it remains reliable for years. With an original HP HT03XL Battery, you can rest assured that your device will provide top performance each time you turn it on. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for replacing your HP HT03XL Battery, then exploring online stores with competitive prices is worth considering.

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